Bringing your Baby Home Safely

Phototherapy with BiliHome™ made by Ledskin 

The BiliHome™ by Ledskin, is a true lead user driven innovation

For treatment in the hospital and for treatment at home, BiliHome™ is the best phototherapy solution in the market today. Especially for newborns that only require light therapy, BiliHome™ is the solution that allows parents to enjoy their newborn at home. It combines for you as their expert a safe extramural photo therapy treatment solution with a unique in therapy monitoring solution.

The BiliHome™ solution has a wirelessly charged battery and a base station that connects to the secure webportal. The newborn wears two easy to use disposable soft jackets that contain the two LED softpads. One LED softpad for the front and one LED softpad for the back. The newborn can be dressed normally without requiring goggles. The pads are designed to only be activated on the skin. All the monitoring is integrated in the pads and all communication between the pads and base station is wireless. The BiliHome solution makes additional venipunctures and heel-pricks for measuring blood bilirubin levels obsolete.

The Team

Rick Wielens started the company LEDSKIN with Harry Sprengers and Joost Verhoeks after his personal experience during the birth of his twins in 2014. The three senior managers in the core team all have a strong background in the high tech industry. The team is complemented by the following experts: professor neonatology dr. Irwin Reiss from the Erasmus MC Sophia Childrens Hospital, pediatrian dr. Anton Hulsmann from the Amphia, pediatrician dr. Martin Baartmans from Maasstad Hospital and Stanford University ‘researcher extraordinaire’ dr. Henk Vreman. The product development is done in close collaboration with the engineering team led by Bert van Kraaij at van Mierlo engineering. During the first clinical trials and product development we have some awesome talent from Delft University in Ava Wagter and some equally awesome talent from Fontys University in Roël Wiggers and Tess Peters. For the quality management aspects, the team is supported by Wim Jansen. We work with a design studio Maria Driessen for the product design and artwork.

The Approach

The BiliHome™ solution by Ledskin is originally based on a lead user insight: the frustration of a parent who could not hold his son and the confrontation of the cold blue environment of the incubator in combination with the awkward blood draws. The insights were tested using a prototype with different neonatologists and pediatricians. In collaboration with different groups of neonatal nurses we developed the exact user requirements for hospital use.

The Ledskin Core Team

Rick Wielens M.Sc.

Royal Philips, SAP AG, NineSigma and multiple start-ups. Co-founder Ledskin and ”lead user”

Ir. Harry Sprengers

Royal Philips, multiple start-ups. Co-founder Ledskin and business architect

Ir. Joost Verhoeks

Royal Philips, multiple start-ups. Co-founder Ledskin and systems architect


safely healing and monitoring at home with in therapy bilirubin monitoring making venipunctures and heel-pricks obsolete