Bringing your Baby Home Safely

Phototherapy with BiliHome™ made by Ledskin 

Bringing your Baby Home Safely

Phototherapy with BiliHome™
Designed by Ledskin

With the new BiliHome™ by Ledskin, you give parents and their newborns the best possible care

For treatment in the hospital and at home, BiliHome™ is the best phototherapy solution in the market today. Especially for newborns that only require light therapy, BiliHome™ is the solution that allows parents to enjoy their newborn at home. It combines for you as their expert a safe extramural photo therapy treatment solution with a unique in therapy monitoring solution.

The BiliHome™ solution has a wirelessly charged battery and a base station that connects to the secure webportal. The newborn wears two easy to use disposable soft jackets that contain the two LED softpads. One LED softpad for the front and one LED softpad for the back. The newborn can be dressed normally without requiring goggles. The pads are designed to only be activated on the skin. All the monitoring is integrated in the pads and all communication between the pads and base station is wireless. The BiliHome solution makes additional venipunctures and heel-pricks for measuring blood bilirubin levels obsolete.

The BiliHome™ Solution for in hospital and at home photo therapy


safely healing and monitoring at home without venipuncture or heel-prick