Bringing your Baby Home Safely

Phototherapy with BiliHome™ made by Ledskin 

Investor Relations

Ledskin helps patients, parents and medical professionals with healing and health monitoring solutions that dramatically improve comfort and care. Our current BiliHome solution offers a radical improvement in photo therapy treatment of near term newborns. Allowing home treatment in combination with in-therapy monitoring is a huge breakthrough. With global patents protecting for the BiliHome technology and trademark protection for the BiliHome brand, Ledskin challenges the $4+ billion global market for jaundice treatment. With hospital to home enabled by the monitoring solution, Ledskin also enters the health cloud and IOT environment. Next to monitoring, the gathering of patient health data also provides a huge resource for health data intelligence and self management. Would you like to learn more about investment opportunities at Ledskin? Reach out and join our ambitions to work on mobile solutions as we have a roadmap of unrealized potential beyond our current solutions.  

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